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  • plastic work mould steel

    plastic work mould steel

    Application               High quality of plastic mould steel are suitable for manufacture of transparent and opaque plastic mould under high load, high abrasion resistance and corrosive medium.  Moulds are widely used in humid conditions, cutlery, knife blades, needle valves cutlery dies, blanking dies, high tensile, shafts, rollers, axles, cutlery dies, blanking dies for large sizes, billet shears, drawing jaws, massive embossing and bending tools, plastic moulds, reinforcement, heavy du...
  • hot work mould steel

    hot work mould steel

    Applications Typical applications include die casting dies for aluminium, magnesium and zinc, extrusion dies for aluminium and brass, liners, mandrels, pressure pads, followers, bolsters, die cases, die holders and adaptor rings for copper and brass extrusion. H13 steel is used to produce hot stamping and press forge dies, split hot heading dies, gripper dies, hot punching, piercing and trimming tools. Other applications include plastic moulds, shear blades for hot work and hot swaging dies...
  • cold work mould steel

    cold work mould steel

    Application               Cold work tool steels are used for industrial knives, punching tools, cold forming tools, embossing tools. Many other applications due to their typical properties – high hardness, good toughness and compressive strength is for high wear resistance. Thousand tons of goods are waiting for quick delivery. If you need and special dimension in bigger quantity, we could book from factory to reduce the cutting charges and material waste, which must be the lowest price in th...